Best OTP bot Telegram

Best OTP Bots for Telegram (Free + Paid)

Vicky Kumar

Telegram bots are amazing. They can do a lot of tasks, such as generating download links for movies/series, scheduling your ...

How to Enable sensitive content in Telegram

How to Enable Sensitive Content in Telegram (100% Working)

Vicky Kumar

A lot of Telegram users ask how to enable sensitive content options in Telegram. After a lot of digging and ...

Best VPN for Telegram

3 Best FREE VPN For Telegram in 2024

Vicky Kumar

Bypassing geo-restrictions for apps and websites is no longer a difficult task; all you need is a reliable VPN. It ...

Download restricted videos from Telegram

Download Restricted Videos From Telegram on Android, iOS & PC

Vicky Kumar

Telegram doesn’t allow users to download private or restricted videos. However, there are easy ways to bypass this download restriction ...

what happens when you block someone on Telegram

Here’s What Happens When You Block Someone on Telegram

Vicky Kumar

Are you wanting to block someone on Telegram but wondering what will happen thereafter? Will the other person know that ...

Best Telegram Bots for Movies and Series

6 Best Telegram Bots for Movies and Series

Vicky Kumar

Whether you’re looking for direct download links of movies or web series, or searching for information about them, Telegram bots ...

How to delete telegram account without phone number

Delete Your Telegram Account Without a Phone Number [2 Methods]

Vicky Kumar

If you have lost access to a SIM card or a device, you’d want to delete your Telegram account, where ...

Watch Telegram videos without Terabox

How to Watch Telegram Videos Without Terabox

Vicky Kumar

In this post, I’ll tell you two easy methods to watch Telegram videos without using the Terabox app. Why Do ...

How to Join a Private Telegram Channel Without Invite Link

How to Join a Private Telegram Channel Without Invite Link

TMH Desk

Don’t have the invite link for a private Telegram channel? Well, you can still join that Telegram channel. In this ...

Can't Send Pictures on Telegram

Fix: Can’t Send Pictures on Telegram

TMH Desk

Sharing images with your friends is one of the frequent things we all do on any messaging application including Telegram. ...

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