How to Watch Telegram Videos Without Terabox

In this post, I’ll tell you two easy methods to watch Telegram videos without using the Terabox app.

Why Do You See A Lot of Terabox Links on Telegram?

Earning money from copyrighted videos, movies, or web series is tough. And this is where Terabox comes into the picture. It makes it easy to monetize videos and earn money.

Monetization is the primary reason for using Terabox to share videos. Most of those channels sharing Terabox links post copyrighted videos (mostly movies and web series).

Telegram doesn’t pay them for uploading videos (even the original ones). In the case of copyrighted videos, Telegram may even block their channels and groups. Hence, to earn some money, people are posting Terabox links.

But it’s annoying as a viewer. After digging into solutions, I have found these two ways to watch Telegram videos without downloading the Terabox app.

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[2 Methods] Watch Telegram Videos Without the Terabox App

You might have joined channels or groups that share Terabox links for movies and web series. But what if you tell the name and someone sends you the direct download link? It would be great. That’s what a bot can do on Telegram.

1. Using a Telegram Bot

Bots are what separates Telegram from other messaging applications. It can find and send you the direct downloadable file for the movie or web series name you give it.

The bot I’m referring to is Rexie Cat bot.

Step 1: Add the Rexie Cat bot to your Telegram account.

Step 2: Click START.

Step 3: Send the name of your movie or web series. It will reply to you with direct download links.

Step 4: Tap on a link to download the file.

Step 5: You’ll be asked to join a channel. Join the channel to use this bot.

Step 6: After joining the channel, you’ll quickly get the link to download the video.

Download the video and watch it. The next time, you only have to send the name, and it will send you the files. That’s how you can avoid getting Terabox links.

2. Using Your Computer

If you have a computer, there’s no need to download the Terabox app. You can paste the link into Chrome or any other browser and start watching the video. You don’t even have to download it.

I have tried playing the video using the desktop mode in Google Chrome on my Android device, but it didn’t work. But the video was playing on my Lenovo laptop without any issues.

If you have a laptop or desktop, it’s super easy to play Terabox videos. But I don’t use Terabox links anymore, as they sometimes show inappropriate content.

I have tested out both methods to play Telegram videos without the Terabox app, and they work well. If you have any questions, write them in the comment section below.

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