How to Enable Sensitive Content in Telegram (100% Working)

A lot of Telegram users ask how to enable sensitive content options in Telegram. After a lot of digging and research, I have written this guide to help you on this topic.

When visiting Telegram channels, users are greeted with the “This channel cannot be displayed…” message, which is annoying.

Well, there are easy ways to view those channels, which I’ll uncover in this guide.

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Why Is Telegram Not Showing Sensitive Content?

Telegram channels are incredibly useful and safe (in most cases), but there are a bunch of channels hosting copyrighted content, explicit content, or trying to spread violence or hatred.

Telegram has an automated built-in mechanism to find such channels and punish them. Either the channels get removed from Telegram or disappear from general view. This is why you see the “This channel cannot be displayed because …” message.

It’s important to note that the channel availability also depends on the country’s law. So, a channel that is accessible in one country can be inaccessible in certain countries.

How to Enable Sensitive Content in Telegram

If you can’t see naughty stuff (you know what I mean) on Telegram, these two solutions are guaranteed to fix the problem. Enjoy 🙂

Solution 1: Using a Third-Party Website

This is the easiest way to watch sensitive content from Telegram channels.

There’s a website that lets you see all the content of Telegram channels (which you can’t open in Telegram). You just need to put the channel name here and start watching content.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter the channel name. (You can also select categories to find more channels.)

Step 3: If you’re trying to access 18+ content, you’ll need to sign up on the website to confirm your age.

You can now access all your favorite content.

Solution 2: Switch to a Non-Restricted Region

If you’re trying to access 18+ channels from countries like India with strict laws, you might not be able to view channels.

You can easily bypass this restriction by logging into Telegram using a phone number from less restricted countries like the US or Canada.

You can use TextPlus or any other website/app to get free US/Canada numbers for Telegram codes.

You can use any of the two methods to view sensitive content on Telegram.

How to Disable Content Filtering in Telegram?

Telegram users often ask questions like how to disable content filtering in Telegram. Well, there’s no such option in Telegram.

If you are unable to access some channels in Telegram, you can use any of the methods I’ve mentioned above to access them easily.

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