6 Best Telegram Bots for Movies and Series

Whether you’re looking for direct download links of movies or web series, or searching for information about them, Telegram bots can do a very job at it. You won’t have to scratch the internet, as Telegram bots can do all the work for you. The bots I am going to share with you can also download the subtitles and translate them for you. So, here are the 6 best Telegram bots for movies and series.

[Note: As of writing this post, all the bots are 100% working. However, if any of them have stopped working, let me know in the comments below. I’ll update this post with new bots.]

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Best Telegram Bots for Movies and Web Series

Explore the best Telegram bots and let them do the work for you.

1. EzPz Film

If you search for movie or web series download links all day, you’re going to love this Telegram bot. This bot will give you direct download links for your favorite movies and series. I have tried this bot, and it does a very good job.

This bot has a huge collection of movies and series. However, if you don’t get the desired result, the next bot in this list will do.

Access EzPz Film bot here

2. Rexie Cat

It’s pretty much similar to the EzPz Fim bot and gives you direct download links for your favorite movies and shows. Add this bot to your Telegram account, send the movie/series name, and you can start downloading the files.

Access Rexie Cat bot here

3. iPapkornBot

Just give your favorite movie or web series name, and it will give you the direct download links. You might say, what’s new? The above two bots also do the same job. Yes, but I have found that this bot gives you the stream file many times. So you can watch the video without downloading it.

Access iPapkornBot here

4. G99IMDBBot

IMDB contains important details about movies and web shows. If it’s important to you, there’s a Telegram bot (G99IMDBBot) that can automatically fetch information from the IMDB website and present it to you.

Access G99IMDBBot here

5. Subtitle Downloader Bot

Language shouldn’t be a restriction, and hence, I’ve included the Subtitle Download Bot in this list. Add this bot to your Telegram account and send your favorite movie or series name to get the subtitle file.

Access Subtitle Downloader Bot here

6. Subtitle Translate Bot

Subtitles are not available in all languages and it can be a barrier to great movies or shows. Fortunately, there’s a Telegram bot that can translate a subtitle into your preferred language.

Add this bot to your Telegram account, send the subtitle file, and choose the change you want to translate the subtitle into.

Access Subtitle Translate Bot here

I hope this guide has been super useful to you. If you have anything to share or suggest, please write in the comments below.

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