Delete Your Telegram Account Without a Phone Number [2 Methods]

How to delete telegram account without phone number

If you have lost access to a SIM card or a device, you’d want to delete your Telegram account, where your important data is saved. In this guide, I’ll tell you easy methods to delete your Telegram account without access to your phone number or SMS.

Safeguarding your data is critical in this digital world. If you have lost a SIM card/device or have abandoned a Telegram account, you should delete them before someone reads your important data or sees private photos and videos.

Here’s how to do it.

How to Delete Your Telegram Account Without Phone Number

If you want to delete your Telegram account just because others can’t access it, you can set up 2-factor authentication from Telegram settings.

For now, let’s see ways to delete your Telegram account when you don’t have a SIM card or the device.

1. Use a Device Where You’re Logged In

You may have logged into your Telegram on a different device, which can be used to delete your Telegram account.

Try checking Telegram on your other devices. Even go to to check if you’ve logged into Telegram web.

After you’ve found your the device logged into your Telegram account, follow these steps:

1. Go to my.telegram.account and enter your phone number along with the country code.

2. Check your Telegram account for the confirmation code. Enter it here and click Sign in.

3. Click Delete account.

4. Tap on Delete My Account.

This method only works if you have access to your Telegram account.

Deleting the account shouldn’t be the solution if you want to use your Telegram account again. In case you want to prevent unauthorized access, set up 2-factor authentication and terminate other active sessions.

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2. Contact Telegram Support

If you don’t have access to your phone number or any device where your Telegram account is logged in, things can be difficult for you. You can reach out to Telegram support with a strong reason as to why they would delete Your Telegram account. They might ask you to verify that you own that Telegram account.

These are the only ways to delete your Telegram account without a phone number.

I’m curious to know why you want to delete your Telegram account. Share your thoughts in the comments below.


How to delete a Telegram account without a confirmation code on Android?

In this case, you’ll need a device where you’re already logged into your Telegram account.

How can I delete my Telegram account if I have lost my phone?

You can use a device where you’re logged into your Telegram account to get the verification code. No SMS verification code is required.

How can I delete my Telegram account without code?

Telegram also sends the verification code via Telegram chats. So, you can use it to delete your Telegram account.

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