Best OTP Bots for Telegram (Free + Paid)

Telegram bots are amazing. They can do a lot of tasks, such as generating download links for movies/series, scheduling your tasks, and showing the latest news headlines, to name a few. Telegram bots can also generate temporary phone numbers and emails for the OTP purpose.

Here, I’ll will share with you the best Telegram OTP bots.

When You Shouldn’t Use Telegram OTP Bots

In short, temporary phone numbers and emails are the best way to reduce spam. You can even use them to get free trials on many websites.

But it’s not always a smart move. You can surround yourself with a lot of problems.

You can avail free trials as often as needed by creating a new account using temporary phone numbers or emails. It’s okay if the website isn’t asking you to share your identity card or credit card number. But if you are required to enter any of your personal or financial/bank details, don’t proceed.

The phone number or email you’re using could land in someone’s hand, and this is where the problem begins. They might use your details in an unethical way. So, always remember to never share personal details while using temporary emails or phone numbers. You shouldn’t even share your location.

Best Telegram OTP Bots (Free & Paid)

1. Temp-Mail Bot (FREE)

This is one of the best free Telegram bots to create temporary emails and get OTPs.

The best part is that you don’t even need to refresh to get new emails. The bot will send new emails to you on Telegram as soon as it receives a new email.

There’s no limit on how many temporary emails you can generate.

Access Temp-Mail Telegram Bot Here

2. Bot (FREE) is another temporary email service that works pretty similar to Temp-Mail. But there’s a big difference. Temp-Mail only gives you one temporary email, while DropMail gives you multiple email addresses.

DropMail Telegram bot sends you new emails as soon as it receives them. And it also doesn’t require any boring account creation process.

Access Telegram Bot Here

3. GrizzlySMS (Paid)

There are a lot of Telegram bots that claim to offer cheap phone numbers, but you might end up paying for nothing. Not everything you see on Telegram is genuine. There are a lot of fraud bots of such kinds.

Some Telegram bots claim to offer free phone numbers for a lifetime by inviting a certain number of people, but that’s also a scam. Don’t go that route.

I have found GrizzlySMS to be a reliable choice for getting temporary phone numbers. You need to pay before you can use a phone number.

Add the GrizzlySMS bot to your Telegram account and follow the instructions to get a phone number.

Access GrizzlySMS Bot Here

There are many good alternatives to GrizzlySMS, but they aren’t available on Telegram. Some of the reliable temporary phone number services and Numero. Again, these are paid services.

If you don’t want to go the paid route, you can use TextPlus or TextNow to get temporary phone numbers for OTPs.

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