Infinix Android 13 Update: Eligible Devices List, Features, and More

Infinix Android 13 update

Infinix is a popular smartphone company that mainly targets the budget segment. Although the phones have a good set of hardware, the software support is not great. This is one of the areas Infinix users complain about the most. If you have an Infinix phone, you may be wondering, will my phone get the Android 13 update? When will the update arrive? What are some exciting features Android 13 brings? We’ll talk about everything on Infinix Android 13 update in this post.

Infinix Android 13 Eligible Device List

Infinix is yet to officially announce the list of devices for the Android 13 upgrade. However, based on the company’s past records, these devices are likely to get Android 13:

  • Infinix Zero 2023
  • Infinix Note 12 (2023)
  • Infinix Zero Ultra
  • Infinix Zero 20
  • Infinix Note 12 5G
  • Infinix Note 12 Pro
  • Infinix Note 12 Pro 5G

[Note: The list is based on our understanding. We’ll update it once the company officially released the list of its devices for the Android 13 upgrade.]

Infinix Android 13 Release Date

Infinix does not come to our mind when talking about brands that release regular software updates. The names that pop up are Samsung, OnePlus, Realme, etc. The reason is these companies quickly start testing the latest Android builds. While Infinix is yet to reveal its Android 13 devices list, these brands have already started distributing the stable update.

You might be surprised to know that Infinix has not even completed the rollout of Android 12. In fact, the company has not updated a single device to Android 12. The Infinix Zero 5G was promised to get the Android 12 update in August, and still, it has not been released. This is very disappointing from Infinix.

The company has not announced a release date for Android 13. So, it’s hard to predict when the company is going to start the rollout of the latest Android OS. Hopefully, the brand will announce something related to Android 13 in January 2023.

[Note: We are continuously updating this article with the latest information on the Android 13 update for Infinix phones. So, bookmark this page or visit later for fresh information.]

Infinix Android 13 Features

Android 13 is a refined version of Android 12 that brings tons of improvements and some new features. It is very much more stable than Android 12. Here are some highlights of Android 13 that will excite you:

Per-App Language Choice: Android 13 is a step forward in removing the language barrier. After updating your phone, you can choose the desired language for an app. You do not need to change the device language for this. Simply go to the app’s settings, click Language, and select the language you want the app to be in.

Media Player Gets a New Look: The media player that you see in the notification area has a new look. The album image takes the entire background and control positions have been moved a bit.

Audio Enhancements: Android 13 is not just about refreshed design. Several under-the-hood changes are there which you’ll keep on exploring as you keep on exploring different areas in your phone after updating it to Android 13. Spatial Audio will now adjust to your head motions when you use head-tracking-equipped headphones. It will offer you a more immersive listening experience.

Better Multitasking: Google keeps on improving multitasking with each iteration of Android. The latest software version allows you to send and receive messages from your Chromebook even when the device is out of reach. The only constraint here is that both devices should be connected via Bluetooth.

Let me tell you about a cool feature from Android 13. You can now copy a text, image, or URL from your mobile phone and paste it directly onto your tablet. The opposite is also true.

Android 13 also brings more Material You color themes, Bluetooth LE audio support, redesigned output selector, a new Reading Mode, and more. In Android 12 or before, apps do not have to ask to send notifications. But Android 13 does. You will now have to give permission to the app to send notifications.

What are your thoughts on Android 13? Which Infinix device do you have and how excited are you to get a taste of the latest Android version? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. I’m using infinix zero ultra 5g handset having xox 12
    Waiting for xos 13 and more. When can I get the stable update?
    Infinix should have increased the battery capacity and the ram capacity

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