How to Get Episode List or Go Back to Previous Episode on Disney Plus

How to go back to previous episode on Disney Plus

Disney Plus is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the market. It has a huge library of shows and movies. But if you can’t navigate through the episodes easily, it can ruin the watching experience. Disney Plus users are having difficulties while going back to a previous episode or accessing the episodes list.

Many users on popular forums such as Reddit have raised the problem of not being able to access the episode summary on Disney Plus. Just to let you know, other streaming giants such as Prime Video and Netflix have an easy option to navigate through the episodes.

After you’ve watched an episode, Disney Plus will show a “Continue Watching” button to resume from where you left off. But, do not have the option to go back to a previous episode. Even you can’t access the episode selection or episode summary screen. This is the problem, and TheMobileHunt has the solutions you are looking for.

How to Go Back to Previous Episode / Episode List on Display Plus on Android and Apple TV

If you are having trouble accessing the episode list or going back to a previous episode on an Android TV, check out the solutions below.

1. Add to the Watchlist

Add the TV show to the watchlist on Disney Plus. Now, go to the watchlist, select your show, and scroll down to see all episodes. You can easily play any episode.

2. Use the Search Function

Instead of tapping on the “Continue watching” button, search for the show. Click on the show in the search result, and you should see all the episodes. Choose the episode you want to play.

3. Press and Hold on the Continue Watching Episode (For Apple TV)

There’s an easy method for Apple TV users to navigate through episodes. On your TV, press and hold on the continue watching episode and it’ll show you the full episode list. Select the episode you want to watch.

4. Create a New Profile

If you want to watch a show, that someone has already watched, it’s better to create a new profile. The other person will have a different watchlist and you’ll have your separate watchlist. Once you’ve created a new profile, access the episode you wanted to watch.

How to Go Back to Previous Episode / Episode List on Display Plus on PS4/PS5

Not only Android and Apple TV are having problems with going back to the previous episode on Display Plus, PS4, and PS5 console users also have the same issue. Thankfully, a Reddit user has suggested a workaround that has worked for many users. Here’s what he wrote:

Disney Plus previous episode reddit response

Final Thoughts

We all can agree on a point that navigation should be easier for any app, especially for video streaming platforms like Disney Plus. In this guide, we talked about many ways to get the episode list on Display Plus and methods to go back to the previous episode. I hope the solutions were useful to you. On which device, you were facing this problem? Do let us know in the comments below.

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